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Level 1, 2 & 3

Level A and B is so last year!

The British Psychological Society has changed the old Level A and B course in to the new Level, 1, 2 and 3 qualification.

The old Level A (Ability) and Level B (Personality) are now both included in the new Level 2 qualification. If you want to be a British Psychological Society registered user of psychometrics, then the Level 2 course is for you. If you are a Psychologist or HR professional who wants to specialise in psychometrics use, then the Level 3 course is for you.

BBP offers the Level 2 Qualification. This is split into Level 2 (ability) or Level 2 (personality). Level 2 (ability) will allow you to use any BPS registered ability tests e.g. verbal, numeric etc. Level 2 (personality) will allow you to be trained to use any BPS registered personality tool, but will also give you a certificate to practice using the NEO-PiR 5 factor personality tool. We think this is the best broad measure of personality on offer at present.

The combined Level 2 course costs £1,750 per person and we run both public and in-house courses.

Contact: info@burnhambp.com to book a place on a course or for more information.