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Interview skills

Whether you are an individual who is looking for advice on how to be interviewed by an organisation, or a manager who is looking for guidance on best practice in interview skills and interview skills training, BBP Psychologists can give you the help you need.

Making an impact

In a recent survey, the average number of applicants for a job in the UK was 50 for each job. Just getting an interview can be difficult enough, so it is vitally important that when you get your opportunity, you are as well prepared as you possibly can be.

Candidates are customers too you know

Most people can remember their last interview. Some people have good experiences, and some people have bad experiences. An interview is no less customer facing than a shop floor or customer meeting. A bad interview can leave a potential customer feeling negative about your organisation.

Getting the best

Candidates will decide between which companies they want to work for, based on their interview experience. More importantly, the legal implications of poor interview skills can be significant. Claims of discrimination have increased dramatically over the last 10 years, and making sure your managers are aware of employment legislation is vital. Howerver it is still only the first step in making sure your organisation does all it can to mitigate any legal claims.

Training managers to interview well is vital to:

Using Psychological theory, legal advice and interview simulations BBP’s interview skills training will give you and/or your managers the skills, knowledge and practice needed in order to deliver effective interviews and assessment centers.

Our training can give delegates generic knowledge of interview skills or can be bespoke for individual organisations.