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Assessment exercises should be as realistic as possible. Therefore, there is nothing more effective than a role simulation.

Example Leadership Scenario:

As a director of an organisation you arrive at your office at 7.00am and are asked to do a media interview on the latest figures you have released to the market. Then, at 9.00am, you are required to give the board a presentation on your corporate strategy for the next three years. Straight after this, you meet with the head of a major union who you are in discussions with about imminent strike action.

All sounds quite daunting, but these are the realities of working at board/director level. These are the challenges that Directors will face day to day in their roles.

BBP has a suite of leadership simulations that it puts people through in order to establish their judgment, leadership potential and resilience. The output can come in different forms: reports, summary feedback or one on one coaching, it all depends on your requirements.