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Executive assessment centres

Gone are the days of senior recruitment decisions being based on nepotism and personal relationships. Making the wrong senior appointment can cost thousands of pounds and cause huge disruption to the day-to-day functioning of an organisation, division or department.

Transparency and Objectivity

In internal leadership assessments transparency and objectivity in the recruitment process is vital. BBP offers an independent and professional assessment to compliment the internal knowledge of the organisation in order to make the right senior appointment.

Benchmarking Standards

In external assessments, BBP will assess candidates from search firms in a fair and valid way appropriate for the level of candidate. Benchmarking candidates against similar groups of executives and directors around the UK enables BBP to ensure the calibre of the candidates we recommend is the best you can get.

BBP Leadership Assessments use a number of different methods to ensure they recommend the right candidate including:

“The question ‘Who ought to be boss?’, is like asking, ‘Who ought to be the tenor in the quartet?’ Obviously, the man who can sing tenor.”
Henry Ford