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Management development

People are not always born to be great managers; sometimes they have to learn to be great managers

BBP’s Management Development Programs prepare individuals for a career in management. Covering influencing skills, people management skills, appraisal skills, conflict management skills and interview skills, the management development program gives individuals the core skills they need to be an effective manager. These programs can be delivered for both one on one and group coaching sessions.

BBP uses a range of psychometrics and exercises to give teams a better understanding of themselves and how they might work better together. Whilst team-building exercises are used widely by businesses, they are only truly effective if they are underpinned by sound psychological principles.

Whether you are looking for an ‘off the shelf’ team development session or a bespoke team building session, BBP offers a wide range of solutions.

“Conventional managers rate the person and develop the performance; great managers rate the performance and develop the person — they realise that every person is different and should be treated as such.”

Harvard Business Review 2009