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Development Centres

A great company is not just the products or services it sells, it is the people it has. In these financially uncertain times, organisations are realising more and more that developing their people is the most cost effective way of driving performance.

Looking to the future

The rehetoric has moved on from ‘winning the war for talent’. Now it is about retaining and developing the talent organisations have and only buying in talent from somewhere else when there are gaps that cannot be filled.

BBP’s development centre’s offer a mixture of bespoke and generic exercises to provide both the organisation and individuals with comprehensive feedback on their strength and development areas.

Development centres are helpful to evaluate an individual’s capability for current level, but more importantly they are important in identifying the potential of the individual to progress further in the organisation. The feedback can help to pinpoint who might be appropriate to fast track in to middle senior management or director level positions.

“It is the organisations that have the foresight to invest in developing their leaders, rather than spending money on getting rid of them, that will drive organisational performance in the future’

Will Hutton, Work Foundation (2010)