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Situational judgement test

The common sense assessment.

In simple terms, Situational Judgement Tests (SJT's) measure a candidate’s common sense, or ‘tacit intelligence’.

The tests are reliable, but, in our experience, have much lower levels of adverse impact (bias) against minority groups when compared to general ability tests.

Help Set Expectations:

Research also suggests they increase retention rates among candidates by giving a realistic insight into the job for which they are applying. When candidates better understand the job before accepting it, they’re less likely to leave straight away.

Why bespoke is best

Where other organisations might supply generic SJTs, at Burnham Business Psychology we design completely bespoke tests to respond to your needs. This helps give a real insight into the role being recruited for, which means candidates are able to de-select themselves. That means time is not spent on a candidate or role that isn’t right.

Trust the experts

In academic papers Burnham Business Psychology has demonstrated the effectiveness and fairness of SJTs. With experience designing tests for recruiting a wide range of roles — from call centre agents and shop floor workers, to pharmacists and finance managers — we have a track record that’s hard to beat.

Academic papers