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Graduate & call centre assessment


Dipping into the talent pool

Graduate recruitment is a dramatically different market to the rest of the recruitment industry.

Good graduate development schemes enable organisations to grow internal talent and develop future leaders. For your graduate scheme to work for you, it’s essential that your company have an established path for your talent to follow.

Are you getting it right?

If you’re putting a huge amount of time, money and effort into your graduate scheme, you’ll want to know that you’re recruiting the right candidates. With the number of graduates who apply for graduate schemes, it can be difficult to find the right candidate in a reliable and cost effective way.

Reduce the risk of getting it wrong:

Our choice of online and assessment centre exercises help organisations pick the right candidates efficiently. Using sound psychological principles, our team uses a wide range of tools, techniques and psychometrics to get the right graduates in the right jobs.

Call centre assessment

A higher calibre for your call centre.

Call centre recruitment often means assessing high volumes of candidates, which can prove extremely difficult.

Quality Customer Service

As the voice of your organisation, it’s absolutely vital that they’ve got the skills needed to keep the customer happy — and confident in the services you provide. Where customer service is key, it’s essential to take the assessment of potential call centre employees seriously.

Good Call

Our reliable and cost effective assessments work hard to provide high calibre call centre agents for your organisation. From online and virtual, to group or one-to-one assessments, Burnham Business Psychology uses a decade of expertise in call centre assessments to ensure you get the very best people.

‘Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Good customer service is what wins it.’

Tony Alessandra - Author of ‘the platinum rule’.