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Competency design

The foundation for values and behaviours.

Competency frameworks can be used to drive business performance or set standards for employees to follow.

What exactly are competency frameworks?

Emerging in the 1980’s, they were born as a response to organisational and wider changes in society, and are now an increasingly accepted part of modern HR practice.

Don’t get left behind

A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPD found that 60% of those taking part in the survey had a competency framework in place for their organisation. Of those who didn’t, almost half said that they intended to introduce one.

The business of change

At Burnham Business Psychology we have extensive experience of designing competency frameworks for organisations of all shapes and sizes — from FTSE 100 companies to the public sector. We also know that as organisations change, competency frameworks need to adapt too. So, not only are we able to design complete frameworks from scratch, we’re also equipped to change them on demand.

“Competency measures are 3-5 times more predictive of what people will actually do in a job, than what they say they will do when asked to respond to an interview question or test item.”

David McClelland